Robert Williams' 144-Color-Print

(Youtube Direktprint)

Juxtapoz versteigert ab morgen einen 144-Farben-Print (!) von Comic-Legende und Gründer des Juxtapoz Mags Robert Williams, das Video dazu ist voller Print und alten Säcken, die über Illus fachsimpeln, super!

A nearly impossible feat of modern printmaking, this 144-color print is a hand-pulled, hand-separated serigraph edition. For those of you that cannot afford a Williams original, this is an incredibly exact reproduction for one of the greatest artists of our time.

This edition began production in 1992 and took 2 full years to complete. The prints were created entirely by using traditional techniques of hand-separating the colors and hand-pulling the paper, one color, one sheet at a time. 25,000 pulls and every one of them is in absolute perfect registration.

Video Interview with Robert Williams – The WaterHead Who Was Raised in a Box