Klari Reis malt Bakterienbilder auf Petrischalen, oder so ähnlich. Auf ihrer Website gibt's Bilder ihrer Installationen, auf The Daily Dish hat sie jeden Tag des Jahres 2009 ein High Res-Foto einer der Dinger gepostet… Bio-Artworks, immer wieder gut und komplett Wallpaper-tauglich.

Brilliantly colored life forms dance across the wall in these detail images of an installation project composed of a series of hand painted plexiglass petri dishes. Artist Klari Reis uses reflective epoxy polymer to depict microscopic images. The effect is hopeful, almost playful, belying the serious nature of the subject matter.

Supported by steel rods, the paintings sit at varying degrees of distance from the wall, evoking depth and motion. Working with biotech companies in San Francisco, Klari uses organic cellular imagery and natural reactionship with today's biotechnological industry.

(via Notcot)