Giant Death Star Wall-Vinyl

Hell, yeah! Hell, yeah! Hell, yeah! Diesen Todesstern für die Wand hatte ich neulich schonmal irgendwo gesehen, konnte aber keine Seite auftreiben, die das Ding verkauft. Dann schaute ich heute in den Newsletter von ThinkGeek und sehe da: Genau – ein Todesstern-Vinyl für die Wand mit einem Durchmesser von 1,27m (50"). Meine Bestellung ging selbstredend grade eben raus, in kurzer Zeit hängt ein fast fertiggebauter Todesstern über meinem Bett und schon bald nennst auch Du mich… Meister!

We've swept away the last remnants of the Old Republic with the dissolution of the Senate. Now, in a secret location in the Outer Rim, we're building a new Death Star! After that dark day in the Yavin system, we've heard the rallying cry, "Build it again!" Engineers from every facet of society are converging and are hard at work making a new Death Star with which to finally crush this pitiful band of malcontents! But the Empire needs your help!

Keep the Death Star in your hearts and minds by proudly displaying this vinyl depiction of the new Death Star in your bedroom or office! 50 inches in diameter, this highly detailed cling looks fantastic! See the detail of all the unfinished decks still being built! Note the enormous planet-buster cannon - it almost looks fully armed and operational, doesn't it?

All proceeds from the sale of the Death Star Wall Cling go directly to the Imperial Fund to Rebuild the Death Star.

Death Star Wall Cling