The Life and Times of Ron English

Juxtapoz hat einen zweiteiligen, ziemlich interessanten Artikel über Ron English (der sich mittlerweile auch endlich mal 'ne vernünftige Website inklusive Blog angeschafft hat), einem der berühmtesten Vertreter des Culture Jamming (Wikipedia).

The first groups to twist advertising were the French Situationists, best known for the work of Guy DeBord, and the Punk and Pop movements. But when English emerged in the 1980s with a pioneering way of warping advertisements, he beat companies and their marketing at their own game.

Cultural jamming, as it’s known twists icons and imagery as if wringing out a soaked rag, a reverse psychology where the same mercantile methods subvert rather than reinforce their messages. English has hit Coca-Cola, Camel cigarettes, McDonalds, Apple computers and the Christian south, which he toured as Jesus wanting to edit the Bible. “I stumped them,” he said, “an old Jesus trick.”

The Life and Times of Ron English: Part I, Part II