A Future History of the CD Revival

06.03.2010 Misc Music #CD

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Pitchfork hat einen ziemlich spaßig zu lesenden Artikel aus der Zukunft in 25 Jahen über das dann angeblich stattfinden sollende CD-Revival.

"I remember playing with my dad's CDs when I was tiny, and then at school we'd put our projects on to CD-Rs to take home. But I never really owned any-- by the time I was getting into music nobody bought them." So when Britain's high street stores stopped stocking CDs five years ago, like most people, he never imagined he'd miss them. "Even Dad's getting rid of his now-- I told him about the club, and he thinks I'm demented."

"The Club" is the 74 Sessions, a monthly night in London dedicated to making and swapping CD-Rs, named after the original storage capacity of a disc in minutes. Maclay started the club last year, and the reception has delighted him. "The CD-Rs people bring are amazing," he beams, "There's so much care going into them-- because people are making something physical, something they can't change once they've burned it, they put a lot of effort into it." […]

But for the fans, the music is still at the core. Unlike today's collaborative, crowdsourced, and automatically generated playlists, a CD's tracklisting is fixed, and the CD-burning scene is an opportunity for music lovers to show their deep individual loves of music, its sequencing and presentation.

Poptimist #26 – Shiny Shiny: A Future History of the CD Revival (via MeFi)