Ein Besuch bei Dr. Nakamats

Ich hatte vor ein paar Monaten schonmal einen Trailer zu einer Doku über den japanischen Erfinder Dr. Nakamats, einem Mad Scientist, wie er im Buche steht. Er erfand die grundlegenden Technologien der Floppy, CD, DVD und des Taxometers. Jetzt hat Motherboard den strangen Herrn besucht und ein extrem unterhaltsames, 8minütiges Video online gestellt.

Matt von Motherboard.tv schreibt mir: „This week Motherboard visits the Japanese office and studio of the world's most prolific inventor. Yoshiro Nakamatsu, better known as Dr. NakaMats has over 3000 patents, out-inventing Edison 3-to-1. If you've ever played a CD, watched a DVD, or done karaoke, you've him to thank. He also invents ways TO invent! Like cutting off the circulation to his brain until he almost dies. Not too shabby for a young man of 81 years.“

It should come as little surprise that Japan, home to the world’s most advanced and strangest inventions, would give rise to an inventor like Yoshiro Nakamatsu. But the quirky, fun-loving 81-year-old scientist seems ripped from another dimension altogether. Dr. NakaMats, as he’s known, is a kind of mash-up of Thomas Edison and Willy Wonka – on steroids.

The mastermind behind over a world-record breaking 3,000 patents, NakaMats began inventing at the age of five, and is responsible for a universe of genius gadgets, including the “PyonPyon” spring shoes, the karaoke machine, CinemaScope, the “Cerebrex” armchair, the sauce pump, the taxicab meter, and a hydrogen-powered engine. And by the way: if you’ve ever used a digital watch, a floppy disk, a CD or DVD, you’ve also got him to thank.

Dr. NakaMats: Patently Strange: The World's Most Prolific Inventor