Vintage Fishmen

Diese Meldung erschien im September 1931 in Popular Mechanics und er handelt von seltsamen Fischmenschen mit Kiemen. H. P. Lovecraft schrieb seine Geschichte „The Shadow Over Innsmouth“ laut Wikipedia November/Dezember 1931. The fucking Cthulhu-Myth is actually based on fucking true events, holy Great Old Ones in a chicken basket!


A MAN with gill slits on his neck like a fish has been discovered in Germany and was examined recently by physicians and biologists at the University Clinic at Heidelberg. No “pre-natal influence” or other mystery is involved, the scientists agreed, but merely a “throw-back” to the condition of mankind’s fish-like and frog-like ancestors millions of years ago in evolution.

Fish Gills on Man Prove Evolution (Sep, 1931)