Darth Vader-Print by Hydro74

Das Designblog Ventilate stellt seit einem Jahr hochauflösende Design-Poster online, die man sich runterladen und selbst drucken lassen kann. Diesmal haben sie Designer nach Motiven gefragt, die sie vor 10 Jahren inspiriert haben und Joshua Smith aka Hydro74 hat ein Mashup aus Darth Vader und Obey Giant-Optik gebaut.

I was recently contacted by Michael over at Ventilate to be part of their downloadable poster series. The concept was ‘What inspired you 10 years ago’. The piece is pretty obvious but in 2000 I remember still being excited about the new Star Wars series and seeing more and more Obey posters flooding the internet. Granted, Episode One of Star Wars was a disappointment since at the end, it didn’t make a lot of sense and really lacked a core protagonist, but … visually, amazing. [ed.: I beg to differ]

Anyway, that is a whole different debate. And let’s all face it. As much as you might say you hate Obey, you really appreciate it and admire the success that Shepard has done with it from a small paper sticker.

Poster Series 03, Darth Vader Print auf Hydro74s Website (via cpluv)