Cocktail-Robot aus Muttermilchpumpen

Ihr seht hier einen Roboter von den Evil Mad Scientists, der Cocktails und Drinks mixt. Und zwar mit Muttermilchpumpen. Das Ding stand gestern auf der BarBot2010 in San Francisco, mehr Bilder und Videos vom Event gibts hier und hier.

Our machine is named "Drink Making Unit." (Descriptive, isn't it?) It has three fluid paths, and can produce cocktails with up to three components. It has an integrated 8x8 RGB LED matrix that it uses for data display, and an ice bucket to chill drinks as they go through the system. […]

Finally, after making some progress on a design consisting in part of ketchup bottles and servo motors, we came across an unexpected solution while browsing eBay for other pump types: breast pumps.

Drink Making Unit (via Technabob)