IT-Crowd S04-Drehstart


Awesome IT Crowd-News of the Day: Drehbeginn für die vierte Staffel ist in drei Wochen und ihr könnt Shirts und Illus und Nerd-Devotionalien in der Produktion platzieren.

Same story as last time, send us your poor huddled zines, your artwork, your comics, your T-shirts, your memes. Anything you think should be in there that we might have missed. It’s especially helpful if you own the rights to the merchandise, but even if you don’t, send us pics and links anyway and we’ll do the legal legwork.

This year, the man to contact is Chris Jones. He’s set up @ItCrowdSupport so you can get in touch with him there. We’ll occasionally be looking for help with extras, locations and the like, so following is a way of saying you don’t mind that kind of request occasionally popping up in your feed.

Hive mind! Engage!