Urban-Transformation Stopmotion-Shortfilm

(Vimeo Direkturban, via KFMW, Mister Honk)

Sehr schönes Stop Motion-Video von Rob Carter, das die Veränderungen einer Stadt aus der Vogelperspektive in Stop Motion zeigt. Unbedingt die komplette, knapp 10 Minuten lange Version anschauen, die im Jahr 1755 mit ein paar Hütten im Wald anfängt und ganz langsam zur modernen Stadt Charlotte heranwächst, die man in den letzten drei Minuten oben sieht.

Metropolis is a quirky and very abridged narrative history of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina. It uses stop motion video animation to physically manipulate aerial still images of the city (both real and fictional), creating a landscape in constant motion. Starting around 1755 on a Native American trading path, the viewer is presented with the building of the first house in Charlotte.

From there we see the town develop through the historic dismissal of the English, to the prosperity made by the discovery of gold and the subsequent roots of the building of the multitude of churches that the city is famous for. Now the landscape turns white with cotton, and the modern city is ‘born’, with a more detailed re-creation of the economic boom and surprising architectural transformation that has occurred in the past 20 years.