20 Jahre Photoshop

Hätte ich fast verpasst: Heute vor 20 Jahren wurde die erste Version von Photoshop ausgeliefert, seit jetzt 14 Jahren für mich tägliches Werkzeug – meine erste Version war 2.5 – und die führende Software für Fotoretusche und Bildmanipulation, oder wie Hipstomp es auf Core77 ausdrückt: „Since then the program has changed the face of advertising, ruined countless first dates by setting up unrealistic expectations, delighted conspiracy theorists by providing 'proof' of whatever absurd event they espouse“.

Hier ein Interview mit John Knoll, der zusammen mit seinem Bruder Thomas die erste Version programmierte und heute bei Industrial, Light & Magic arbeitet und dort unter anderem an den Effekten von Avatar mitbastelte, hier die unvermeidlichen Photoshop Disasters und hier die erste Folge der unvergessenen Webserie „You suck at Photoshop“, hier alle 20 Teile in einer Playlist.

(Youtube Direktphotoshop)

Webdesignerdepot hat das alles mal sehr schön zusammengefasst: 20 Years of Adobe Photoshop

The combination of Thomas’ programming abilities with John’s pragmatic design background led to a collaboration between the two brothers to develop more processes and improve on the initial application.

Even though the process led to interruption in Thomas’ thesis work, the brothers released “Image Pro” in 1988.

John suggested that they begin to sell Image Pro as an application.

Within six months, the brothers had a partnership with a company that manufactured scanners, Barneyscan.

They purchased 200 copies of the program to ship with their scanners.

They called on Supermac and Aldus, but were turned away at both, a move that Aldus would come to seriously regret.

Shortly after, the Knoll brothers struck gold when they won over Adobe management with their product, and formed a licensing partnership with Adobe that was to launch their software and Adobe into the stratosphere.

In February of 1990, Adobe 1.0 was released.

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