Jeremy Mayers Typewriter-Sculptures


Jeremy Mayer baut Skulpturen aus alten Schreibmaschinen. Seine Arbeiten hatte ich schonmal vor zwei Jahren, oder so, jetzt hat er eine neue Skulptur gebaut. 1400 Stunden Arbeit und jede Menge alter Schreibmaschinen stecken in Delilah. Wired hat ein Interview mit Mayer:

The rules: “It took a little over a year (1,400 hours) to make Delilah. I have a couple of rules about my process: I have to use only connections and parts indigenous to the typewriter — no soldering, welding, gluing or wire wrapping is allowed. Second, I try to bend, drill or cut the typewriter components as little as possible. I do cheat a little, but only serious typewriter buffs would be able to tell which parts I’ve modified from their original form. I don’t tap new threads at all.”

Disassembly: “My process involves disassembling typewriters first, which is pretty time-intensive. You can’t really use power tools to do that kind of work because all the screws are slotted, the slots are narrow and the machines are old and require some delicate handling. Beside that, there are a lot of parts and connections in a typewriter. In eight hours I can disassemble two typewriters and categorize, memorize and store their parts in bins and boxes.”

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