How to make The Internet (from The IT Crowd)


Vor fast genau einem Jahr bloggte ich über jemanden bei Flickr, der sich das Internet aus der IT Crowd selbst gebastelt hatte. Jetzt gibt es auf Instructables ein Tutorial, wie man sich das Teil selber bauen kann, inklusive flashy BlingBling-LED.

The Internet was first shown in public in The IT Crowd, Series 3, Episode 4.

Consisting of a mysterious black box with a flashing red indicator LED, the power of the world is contained within.

Fun facts about the internet!

1. The internet is surprisingly small!
2. The internet is wireless!
3. The internet is very light! (of course the internet doesn't weigh anything!)
4 The internet lives at the top of Big Ben! (where it gets the best reception)
5. Before being borrowed, it MUST be demagnetised! Preferably by a Grand Master of The Internet such as Stephen Hawking.

How to make The Internet (from The IT Crowd) (via BoingBoing)