Fake Games in Movies

24.01.2010 Games Misc Movies
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IGN hat eine sehr schöne Liste von Fake-Games in Filmen mit solchen Perlen wie Starfighter aus dem Flick gleichen Namens, Space Paranoids aus Tron, Wrestle Jam 88 aus The Wrestler und natürlich mit meinem Favorite:

Global Thermonuclear War

From: WarGames
Notable quote: "Do you want to play a game?"

Before Mathew Broderick was playing hooky from school, he was hacking into the U.S. Government's automated defense systems. In the 1983 film War Games, a curious teen accidently challenges a supercomputer to a game of nuclear war. The game resembles a simplified version of DEFCON or an extremely simplified version of Supreme Commander. As in those games, the computer's AI eventually realizes that in real war, there are no winners. The movie also prominently features an electronic game of Tic-Tac–Toe. Bonus!

Gaming, Hollywood Style (via Digg)