Banksy-Doku @ Sundance 2010 (UPDATE: Der Trailer ist da!)


(Youtube Direktbanksy, via Wooster)

Nicht nur, dass Banksy seit ein paar Tagen Park City in Utah, wo das jährliche Über-Indiefilm-Festival Sundance stattfindet, seine Stencils hinterlässt, nein, auf dem Festival läuft auch anscheinend tatsächlich eine Banksy-Doku. Can't wait!

Los Angeles–based filmmaker Terry Guetta set out to record this secretive world in all its thrilling detail. For more than eight years, he traveled with the pack, roaming the streets of America and Europe, the stealthy witness of the world’s most infamous vandals. But after meeting the British stencil artist known only as “Banksy,” things took a bizarre turn.

Sundance has shown films by unknown artists but never an anonymous one. Banksy turns the tables on the only man who has ever filmed him, creating a remarkable documentary that is part personal journey and part an exposé of the art world with its mind-altering mix of hot air and hype.

Exit Through the Gift Shop – A Banksy Film 2009, Even More New Banksys In Utah (via Notcot, danke David!)

[update] BBC hat den Trailer:


Notorious street artist Banksy, whose work has decorated his home town of Bristol and Israel's West Bank barrier, has turned his hand to film-making.

Exit Through The Gift Shop will have its world premiere at the Sundance Film Festival, his agent told the BBC.

It will be the first time the elusive artist, who has never revealed his identity, has spoken on camera.

Billed as "the world's first street art disaster movie", its inclusion in the festival has been shrouded in secrecy.

Banksy film to debut at Sundance (via xFuckerx)