Williams Burroughs Zeugs-Fotografie


Seit seinem Tod 1997 wird William Burroughs Appartment, in dem er zuletzt wohnte, in genau dem Zustand erhalten, in dem es damals war. Peter Ross hat nun die Gelegenheit bekommen, Burroughs Zeugs (Schuhe mit Löchern, Bücher über die medizinischen Folgen von „Karate Blows“ und sowas, was man eben so im Haus hat) zu fotografieren.

How did you end up photographing William Burroughs’s stuff?

William Burroughs lived for many years in the former locker room of an 1880s YMCA, on the Bowery in New York City. The almost windowless space was known as The Bunker. When he died in 1997, his friend and mine, John Giorno, kept the apartment intact, with many of Burroughs’s possessions sitting as they were. Part of the space is now used for Buddhist teachings, and the apartment is a wonderful mix of Buddhist wall hangings and pillows and carpets and Burroughs’ personal furniture and collections.

Is the room still intact?

His bedroom is as he left it, with all his stuff in place. Giorno looks after it, and occasionally houses visiting artists and friends and Buddhist teachers who come to teach in the main area of the space.

William Burroughs’s Stuff, hier die Fotoserie auf Peter Ross' Website (via Kottke)