Giant Lightwriting-Heiratsantrag

12.01.2010 Misc
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(Vimeo Direktlove, via MeFi)

Raleigh, North Carolina is full of Light-Love, oder so. Früher ging man mit der Süßen in ein gutes Restaurant, ging auf die Knie und stammelte „Willst Du mich heiraten?“, heute malt man mit einer Taschenlampe den Antrag mit Licht quer über die Stadt. Whoa!

I knew I wanted to find a very special way to propose to a very special woman. I liked the look of light writing, but I wanted to do something on a much larger scale. To my knowledge, a light writing of this size had never been done before. I had the idea of placing a camera at the top of a tall building and mapping out the words “Emily, will you marry me?” over part of the city. I used Google Earth to check out the views from several large buildings in downtown Raleigh, N.C. Since none of the letters could fall on areas that were inaccessible by foot, the requirements for the vantage point were very specific. I finally found the perfect spot - the top of the Clarion hotel. Luckily, the Clarion has a restaurant that is open to the public on the top floor. I went up one afternoon and snapped some pics for reference.