Kids review next Decade

10.01.2010 Misc
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Der Philadelphia Inquirer hat Kinder gefragt, wie die nächste Dekade aussehen wird. Ich mag die Antwort von Jacob Eiseman, 9 Jahre alt aus Penn Valley, am liebsten. Kurz, knackig, auf den Punkt: „Robots will take over the world. They will have lasers.“ Der Rest der Antworten ist aber auch sehr nett und es erstaunt mich nicht besonders, dass recht viele dystopische Voraussagen darunter sind.

I think all of the animals will be dead in 10 years because America is polluting too much. People who aren't married won't have dogs, cats, fish, or any other type of house animal.
Lexi Schommer, 8
Penn Valley

I think in 10 years there will be a device that makes monkeys talk to you in English. It will be the next big hit in the U.S.
Justin Nachman, 8

We will live in a world of pure luxury with computers that are programmed by a human's thoughts. We will have no racism, no crime, no need for anyone to take people to court, no need for divorce. There would be no end to happiness. The poor would be welcomed into newly built houses without hesitation. Rich people would donate to every charity known. We would find a cure for every disease.
Summer Lynch, 11

Decade in Preview: The Youthful Vision – These experts, most under 13, consult their imaginations to foretell the 20-teens. (via Buzzfeed)