Jesus Christ Superstar Wars


Jeezus. Ein Star Wars/Jesus Christ Superstar-Mashup-Musical. Das Jahr fängt ja schonmal… irgendwie strange an.

Imagine “Hosannah,” the song from Jesus Christ Superstar, except this time the refrain is “Han Solo.” Or the song “Judas’ Death” from the original musical, but recast as “Anakin’s Death.”

Andrew Murray of Canton, a junior at Concord Academy, first came up with the idea of fusing two timeless works, Jesus Christ Superstar and Star Wars, when he attended a summer arts program.

“I was working on a project to create a comedy through combining a written piece of art and a film,” he said. “I was in a production of Jesus Christ Superstar then, and I have always been a big fan of Star Wars. I was tossing around ideas . . . and I thought, why not?”

Canton student combines `Superstar' with 'Star Wars' on stage (via Topless Robot)