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26.12.2009 Misc #Xmas

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In den letzten paar Tagen sind so viele Xmas-related Dingse in meinem Feedreader aufgepoppt, die bringe ich hier jetzt gesammelt. Frohes Restfest!

Hier erstmal Golden Age Comicbook Storys High-Res-Scans von MAD Mag Christmas-Comics: Mad Magazine – Artwork by Kelly Freas, Don Martin, Mort Drucker & Wally Wood, Panic Mag #1: The Night before Christmas. Und hier gleich noch Batman-Christmas hinterher: Have Yourself a Batman Little Christmas!

Hier PES' neuestes Stop-Motion-Video mit Weihnachtsbaumkugel- und Geschenkgnubbel-Explosionen:

(Youtube DirektPES, via Laughing Squid)

Ghost Of Christmas Future Taunts Children With Visions Of PlayStation 5

Bored with scaring elderly misers, the Ghost of Christmas Future is spending the holiday season taunting modern children with visions of Christmas 2016's hottest toy: the Sony PlayStation 5, a 2,048-bit console featuring a 45-Ghz trinary processor, CineReal graphics booster with 2-gig biotexturing, and an RSP connector for 360-degree online-immersion play.

"You know how kids are—a year is an eternity to them," the wraithlike specter said Monday during a visit to the Southfield home of 13-year-old Josh Kuehn. "So just imagine showing them something they'll have to wait 14 years for. Teasing them with a glimpse of the PS5 is the ultimate torture. They absolutely lose their minds. It's like saying, 'Hey, kid, you'll be an old man before you ever get to touch this.'"

Der ganze nicht wirklich besinnliche Rest mit jeder Menge Videos, 'nem Mashup-Album und noch mehr Comics nach dem heiligen Klick:

The honest 10000$ Spam:

(Youtube Direktspam, via Swissmiss)

Christmas Laser Beam Cats:

(Youtube Direktcats, via Laughing Squid)


Never Kill Santa Claus / Trick or Treat

"Never Kill Santa Claus" from the February 1973 issue of The Witching Hour #28, followed by a xmas themed ouija board text tale and (not forgetting an entry for our Devilcember theme) a two-page Kaluta Halloween classic (can't let xmas have all the fun now, can we?) called "Trick or Treat", both from the Feb-March 1970 issue of Witching Hour #7.

Happy Scroogemas! And A Bah Humbug New Year!

So to celebrate my commiserations of the season, here is my Bah Humbug exclusive compilation I gave out to people who came to the 2nd Radio Clash night in 2005 (also called Bah Humbug!) – was that 4 years ago? Wow. I’m uploading this because I met up with Kirk last night and he said he still listens to it every Xmas while wrapping presents, so it definitely gets the Coverley Classic ™.

Florence and the Machine and Billy Bragg - Fairytale Of New York - Live in Session:

(Youtube Direktflorence, via MeFi)

santa claus changing designs

the story and image of santa claus begins with nicolas, born during the third century in the then greek village of patara. raised to be a devout christian, he used his inheritance from his parents to assist the needy, the sick and suffering and was made bishop of myra for his work. he became known for his generosity and helping those in need. st. nicholas became the patron saint of russia where he was known for his red cape, flowing white beard and bishop's mitre. today, the christian bishop's image has become that of a red-suited, bearded, holly old man. the symbol of the festive holiday season and commercial story.

The Muppets on Jimmy Fallon:

(Youtube Direktmuppets, via Testspiel)

The Science of Santa

How does Santa Claus manage to traverse the entire globe in just a few hours, delivering presents to millions of well-behaved children?

Happy Festivus:

(Youtube Direktfestivus, via Eayz)

Gundam Christmas Tree:

(Youtube Direktgundam, via Topless Robot)

Clip from Silent Night, Deadly Night:

(Youtube Direktdeadly, via Coilhouse)