Die Story hinter der größten Vapourware aller Zeiten: Duke Nukem Forever

Wired hat einen sehr schönen Artikel über Duke Nukem Forever, dem wahrscheinlich most epic Fail in der Geschichte der Videogames. Long Story short: Niemals, absolut niemals versuchen, irgendwas zu perfekt hinzubekommen, weil es dann garantiert niemals fertig wird.

Featuring a swaggering, steroidal, wisecracking hero, Duke Nukem 3D became one of the top-selling videogames ever, making its creators very wealthy and leaving fans absolutely delirious for a sequel. The team quickly began work on that sequel, Duke Nukem Forever, and it became one of the most hotly anticipated games of all time.

It was never completed. Screenshots and video snippets would leak out every few years, each time whipping fans into a lather — and each time, the game would recede from view. Normally, videogames take two to four years to build; five years is considered worryingly long. But the Duke Nukem Forever team worked for 12 years straight. As one patient fan pointed out, when development on Duke Nukem Forever started, most computers were still using Windows 95, Pixar had made only one movie — Toy Story — and Xbox did not yet exist.

On May 6, 2009, everything ended. Drained of funds after so many years of work, the game’s developer, 3D Realms, told its employees to collect their stuff and put it in boxes. The next week, the company was sued for millions by its publisher for failing to finish the sequel.

Learn to Let Go: How Success Killed Duke Nukem (via Gizmodo)