Fotografie: Tokyo Twilight Zone

Sehr schöne Fotoserie von Sato Shintaro. Der klettert in Tokyo Feuerleitern hoch und fotografiert die Seitengassen aus der Höhe bei Nacht. Ich hatte die Bilder schonmal vor ein paar Jahren, aber anscheinend lautete damals die Überschrift sowas wie „Whoohoo“, jedenfalls finde ich das Posting nicht mehr und ich glaube, seit damals sind auch ein paar Bilder dazugekommen.

Snip von der Info-Seite:

I photograph Tokyo from fire escapes.The view from a fire escape is different from either the kind of view afforded by obsevation decks constructed at sightseeing spots or the vertical perspective of satellite images that are readily available to anyone with a computer.It's a very personal perspective that I obtain only at the expense of a good deal of physical exercise walking all over town to find just the right place.From heights around the 10th floor −certainly not low but not very high either−it's more like looking out horizontally to confront the city,rather than looking down on it.And it's interesting that at this height signs of daily life, like laundry hung out to dry, appear in the photographs.

Most fire escapes look on back streets, so the hidden face of Tokyo becomes visible.These behind-the-scenes views of Tokyo from forgotten stairways where no one comes are erotic and always excite me every time I photograph them.I am also made aware that the Tokyo city scape I see every day and thought I knew well, I don't really know at all.

Tokyo Twilight Zone (via Bigod)