Im Sommer fand in New York die Ausstellung Black-Acid Co-op statt, in der unter anderem Drogenlabore nachgebaut und als Installationen gezeigt wurden. Snip von der NYTimes:

Deitch’s latest foray into the noncommercial is “Black Acid Co-op,” an immense, labor-intensive, maniacally contrived walk-through environment. A warren of some dozen rooms, interiors and passageways, it includes a burned-out home methamphetamine lab, a red-carpeted gallery of pseudo-artworks and a hippie haven.

All told, visitors snake their way through evocations of some of the darker sides of American life, especially its always evolving drug culture. In its own low-down, downtown, art-now way, this show approaches the impact of the museum-quality Piero Manzoni retrospective and the Picasso extravaganza, both orchestrated by the Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea this spring. If the art is not ultimately as memorable, its sampling of dysfunction is.

Down a Rabbit Hole to Meth and Its Dysfunction, hier eine kleine Galerie mit Bildern der Ausstellung (via Juxtapoz)