Fotografie von Chinas Punkrock-Underground

Wireds Raw File hat ein Preview auf Matthew Niederhausers Fotoband Sound Kapital, das den wachsenden Rock-Underground in China zeigt. Sehr schöne Fotos vom Punk in Bejing und ich bin sehr gespannt, ob die Mittelfinger-Attitüde irgendwann auch mal politische Folgen haben wird.

Tight pants, cool haircuts and rock music. They’re commonplace, even cliché, in the United States, but they’re now the icons of a complex transformation in China.

The country’s ever-growing consumer culture almost requires an increased sense of individuality and its own counterculture. And considering the shape and energy of its emerging underground music scene, it’s hard not to project a parallel mindset onto China similar to that of the United States in the 1960s and ’70s.

But photographer Matthew Niederhauser, whose new book Sound Kapital documents the newly formed underground Beijing rock scene, says such projection is a mistake.

“Too often,” says Niederhauser, “I see journalists who parachute into Beijing for a few days seeking out performers who will feed them controversial quotes.” The motivations of these bands, he says, are not so easily classified. “The music scene is not about revolution right now, but about embracing an alternative, creative and open lifestyle in Beijing — something that China desperately needs.”

Scenes From the Beijing Rock Underground, Matthew Niederhausers Website, Amazon-Partnerlink: Sound Kapital: Beijing's Music Underground (Powerhouse Books)