String Theory Sculpture in 10 Dimensionen


Das hier ist eine Skulptur, die zehn Dimensionen darstellen soll. Der Infotext ist reinster String-Theory-Matheporno, ich versteh außer dem ersten Absatz kein Wort and I love it.

According to string theory, space-time is not four-dimensional as you might expect, but actually 10-dimensional. The extra six dimensions are believed to be compactified or rolled up into such a small space that they are unobservable at human scales of sight. Their size and six dimensions make Calabi-Yau spaces difficult to draw. But, this model shows a three-dimensional cross-section of this likely space to reveal its structure and shape. […]

These spaces have real dimension 2(N-1), so the hypothesis that there are six hidden dimensions in string theory means that there is a unique choice within this series of Calabi-Yau spaces, namely N=4, and the polynomial must be this quintic (degree N+1=5): z15 + z25 + z35 + z45 + z55 = 0.

The 2-D surface is computed by dividing by z5 and setting z3/z5 and z4/z5 to be constant. This defines a 2-manifold slice of the 6-manifold; we then normalize the resulting inhomogeneous equations to simplify them, yielding the complex equation that is actually solved for the surface, z15 + z25 = 1. The resulting surface is embedded in 4D and projected to ordinary 3D space for display.

Calabi-Yau Manifold Crystal – String Theory Sculpture (via Gizmodo)

Und hier nochmal das Video zu Rob Bryantons Buch „Imagining the Tenth Dimension“, damals schrieb ich: „Dieses Video erzählt das einleitende erste Kapitel von Rob Bryantons Buch „Imagining the Tenth Dimension“ und darin reist man von der ersten bis in die zehnte Dimension. Ich bin ungefähr bis zur fünften Dimension mitgekommen, danach hat es mir vor lauter Raumzeit und Paralleluniversen gehörig das Gehirn verknotet.“

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