Warum ich Puristen hasse, Grund 721

11.12.2009 Misc Music #Weird

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Wie man sich denken kann, bin ich als Liebhaber von Mashups kein großer Freund von Puristen. Beim Guardian steht, warum:

Spain's pistol-carrying Civil Guard police force descended on the Sigüenza Jazz festival to investigate allegations that Ochs's music was not, well, jazz.

Police decided to investigate after an angry jazz buff complained that the Larry Ochs Sax and Drumming Core group was on the wrong side of a line dividing jazz from contemporary music.

The jazz purist claimed his doctor had warned it was "psychologically inadvisable" for him to listen to anything that could be mistaken for mere contemporary music.

Spanish fan calls police over saxophone band who were just not jazzy enough (via Arbroath)