Mini-Doku: The History of the Boombox

(Youtube Direktboom, via Macelodeon)

Schöne Mini-Doku von NPR über die Geschichte der Ghettoblaster. Snip von dem dazugehörigen Artikel: A Eulogy For The Boombox.

Before there were iPods, or even CDs, and around the time cassettes let break dancers move the party to a cardboard dance floor on the sidewalk, there were boomboxes. It's been 20 years since the devices disappeared from the streets. It's high time to press rewind on this aspect of America's musical history.

Back in the day, you could take your music with you and play it loud, even if people didn't want to hear it. 150 decibels of power-packed bass blasted out on street corners from New York City to Topeka. Starting in the mid-'70s, boomboxes were available everywhere, and they weren't too expensive. Young inner-city kids lugged them around, and kids in the suburbs kept them in their cars.

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