Journey to the End of the Year: Fangenspielen an Silvester in Berlin


An Silvester noch nix vor? Antiboredome veranstaltet am 31. Dezember eine Art urbanes Fangspiel in Berlin, Treffpunkt ist Alexanderplatz um 19 Uhr. Das Spiel geht bis 23 Uhr, danach kann man also immer noch bequem auf die tausend anderen Silvester-Partys gehen.

Shalaco schreibt mir:

I am writting you to tell you about Journey to the end of the year, a street game that my friends are putting on in Berlin for new years.

Journey to the end of the night is an open source Street Game developed by Antiboredome "Outwardly resembling a simple game of tag, Journey games are actually complex PSYCHOGEOGRAPHICAL experiments, designed to elicit emotions such as FEAR, LUST, PAIN, SPEED, ALIENATION, LONELINESS, HATE, and DESIRE in those who play it."

The game is free for anyone to play and ends at 23:00 so that players can go on to join in the festivities. Players will meet at Alexanderplatz at 19:00 on 31.12.2009. Players start off as runners. They are given a wrist band to help identify who is in the game and a map of clues to help them navigate through the city to various checkpoints: 'microclimates' with an air of weirdness and mystery where they will have to perform a certain task before they get a seal on their map.

Scattered through the checkpoints are chasers. Once a runner is tagged by a chaser he becomes a chaser.

This is an amazing street game and I encourage you to join in the fun or at least spread the word to Berliners. The last 'Journey to the end of the night' was put on Halloween night in San Francisco California. We had 600 wristbands and had to turn people away, here is our writeup on Laughing squid.

Journey to the end of the year: Berlin 2009