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10.12.2009 Misc #ITCrowd

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Ich hatte keine Ahnung, dass die Firma des „greatest Man in the world“, Denholm Reynholm, deren IT Crowd im Keller haust und Goths im Serverraum züchtet, eine Website hat.


Reynholm Industries was founded by ground-breaking businessman Denholm Reynholm, with nothing but a simple dream, and 6 million pounds. After quickly growing from it's humble beginnings, Reynholm Industries now employs hundreds of staff. It is a business empire with an annual profit of over £1,800,000,000,000,000,000,000. But this rapid growth has never caused the business to stray from it's original principals, set in place by Denholm personally upon founding the company.

Reynholm Industries (via Kommentar von Lars bei den F5)