Aboves Streetart-Aktion: Homeless, not hopeless


Streetartist Above ist fünf Wochen lang in Portland rumgeradelt, hat Obdachlose interviewt und mit ihrem Einverständnis eine Streetart-Aktion gemacht, von der es nun Prints gibt, die er für einen guten Zweck auf seiner Website verkauft. Er schreibt mir:

After last years positively large response to the “GIVING TO THE POOR” print where 100% of all those profits were donated to 2 selected homeless shelters I wanted to again get involved this year with the homeless community and address the serious issues of homelessness and more specific the homeless situation in Portland, Oregon.

After 5 weeks of riding my bike around Portland interviewing the homeless, I'm finally finished with the this passionate nonprofit project I have been working on to support and bring awareness to the homeless crisis here in Portland, and in general. I am contacting you because I would appreciate your support in broadcasting on your website and any other outlets the "Homeless, not hopeless" non-profit project. Last week I made a screen printed edition of 100 prints that are priced to sell to get more people involved and support this benevolent fundraiser. MY goal is to raise $5,000 Dollars to donate before the end of the year to the Transition Projects homeless shelter here in Portland, Oregon.

Hier kann man die Prints direkt bestellen, hier der Link zu den weiteren Fotos und den Interview mit den Obdachlosen.

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