Noam Chomsky-Gartenzwerg


2007 haben die Leute von Just Say Gnome einen Noam Chomsky-Gartenzwerg gemacht. Das Internet ist seitdem komplett und ich hab's nicht gemerkt.

For anyone who isn’t familiar with the real Noam Chomsky or his life and works – or who just doesn’t really understand the humor and meaning of why a garden gnome would be made of a college professor – hopefully the following introduction will help. As you’ll see Professor Chomsky has dedicated his life to tackling very serious, controversial, and often depressing World issues - so for many people the idea of ‘mixing’ the innate seriousness of the deep and troubling topics he deals with with the pop cultural silliness of garden gnomes is gratifying in its extreme ridiculousness.

Gnome Chomsky the Garden Noam (via Dangerous Minds)