D*Face Interview


Juxtapoz hat ein ziemlich langes und ausführliches Interview mit Streetartist D*Face, in dem er sehr viel von seinen Wurzeln im Punk und Skaten erzählt. Und dann lese ich da, dass der über einen recht ähnlichen Weg zu Design (wenn man Streetart als Designform sieht) gekommen ist, wie ich.

I failed school. I managed to get myself onto a course studying photography, because I wanted to become a skateboard photographer. I had this blindsided idea that I could be this great photographer, but never really take any photos - just get stoned in the car park- which is what I did for 2 years, and then I had the dawn of realization that I was not a very good photographer at all and no one was going to take me in, so had the thought that actually I’m going to have to get a job.

My mum got me a job in her bank as some sort of clerk, and I was thinking this is the last thing fucking thing I wanted to do in my life, and I looked around, I phoned around colleges and asked whether they had any places on animation / design / illustration courses and one course came-up, and I went down with my portfolio and I got a place on an animation course.

When I started that course it cemented all of my interests in that this is what I want to do; it was animation. It was a cartoon graphic style. There was an outlet for it and there was a way where I could be tutored and taught how to create interesting graphics that inspired me, much like the skateboarding graphics I had seen when I was a child. Then I started working really hard and I connected to all the things I was interested in …and not long after I went on to get a job in the design and illustration world.

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