UPSO animated

(Vimeo Direktupso, via Beautiful Decay)

Einer der ersten Illustratoren, die ich so vor 10 Jahren super fand, war Dustin Amery Hostetler aka UPSO. Der hat jetzt eine Intro-Animation für Fuel TV gestaltet und die ist in ihrer Schlicht- und trotzdem Knalligkeit einfach Wahnsinn, so wie ich's nur von Hostetler kenne.

“I wanted to show the excitement I get out of things like riding bikes with friends,” says UPSO. “When life gets too crazy or stressful, it's things like friends and fun that get me out of my funk. It doesn't matter if it's paintbrushes or snowboarding, it's all about expressing yourself. I've always been amazed by the support action sports gives art, from skateboards to t-shirt designs and shoes, it all comes full circle.”

UPSO is known for his work with commercial clients such as Mountain Dew, Burton, Kid Robot, Sims Snowboards and Converse, as well as publishing the critically acclaimed art magazine Faesthetic. His artwork has been displayed in magazines, books and on skateboards and gallery walls around the world. He has also worked as a curator for companies like Threadless and Scion.