Flu-Collector: Pro-H1N1-Mask

30.11.2009 Misc
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Wer braucht schon Anti-Schweinegrippen-Masken, wenn man eine Pro-Schweinegrippen-Maske haben kann, die einem mit einem eingebauten Ventilator gleich mal ein Vielfaches an Bazillen und Erregern in den Rachen bläst. Ein Pandemie-Staubsauger, sozusagen, für mehr geplante Grippal-Infekte.

Plan your sickness, develop antibodies for the flu and strengthen your immune system the natural way. The INFLU flu collector mask increases the prospect of getting the Swine flu (H1N1) as well as the regular seasonal flu with several hundred percent.

The INFLU flu collector mask has a battery driven micro-fan fitted on the inhalation valve that increases the intake of viruses in ambient air through the respiratory system. The comfortable and convenient mask can be worn in everyday situations such as while commuting to and from work.

INFLU - The world's first flu collector unveiled (via Next Nature)