Mashed in Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Movie


ZOMG! Die Leute hinter dem David Lynch Mashup-Album haben die Videos zu den Tracks zu einem rund 83 Minuten langen Film zusammengeschnitten. Ein David Lynch Mashup Movie, der Film zum Soundtrack quasi, inklusive neuem Audio-Material. Gibt's als 4,5Gigabyte-DVD-Version, als 600MB-DivX, beide Versionen als Torrents und auf Vimeo (s.o.)

Sie haben es zwar tatsächlich geschafft, das langweiligste aller Vorschaubilder bei Vimeo zu nehmen, das macht das Ding hier aber nicht weniger over the top awesome. Nochmal: ein fucking David Lynch Mashup Movie zum wohl besten Mashup Album 2008, ich bin sehr, sehr begeistert. Hell, yeah!

Und nicht vergessen: If you're playing the film on your fucking telephone, you will never in a trillion years experience the film.

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David Lynch has created some of the most sustaining and psychogenic fugue-inducing films of our day. The man is a singular entity.

The soundtracks he has created and compiled for these films are often as confounding and compelling as the images they accompany.

To honor his films, their soundtracks, and their soundscapes, we of 1086 Productions and our collaborators devised Mashed in Plastic: the David Lynch mash-up album, a collection of sounds from David Lynch films mixed together with other songs. The album is a continuous flowing whole, encompassing the breadth of Lynch's filmic career.

And now, the coup de grâce: 1086 Productions' own esteemed Gavin (The Reborn Identity) has created video to accompany every single track, every single sound, on the audio album. Each of the eighteen videos (plus added bonus extras!) is a foray into the mind of Lynch. Each of Gav's creations, while honoring the films of Lynch, also give us sight into an alternate universe, one in which Lynch's dames, dwarves, and demons dance among the pop glitterati and multifarious others.

Now go inside and dwell awhile with the others . . . then see if you can find your way back out.

01. the voice of love is crying : COLATRON
02. blue rigby : WAX AUDIO
03. twin hearts : COLATRON
04. heaven’s drive-in : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
05. tori’s deranged : WAX AUDIO
06. something stupid this way comes : G3RSt
07. i’ll be there in twin peaks : COLATRON
08. the pink jack : WAX AUDIO
09. lauren’s opus : THE REBORN IDENTITY
10. frank’s here : THE WHO BOYS
11. the elephant connection : THE REBORN IDENTITY
12. i’ve told every little pumpkin : TOTOM
13. violent at heart : THE REBORN IDENTITY
14. don’t go all wicked on me : NEILTOMO
15. eraserhead serenade : RIAA
16. velvet dreams : VOICEDUDE
17. in my twin life : PHIL RETROSPECTOR
18. this is David Lynch : NEILTOMO

crying for us and them: PHIL RETROSPECTOR
Additional audio production by WAX AUDIO

Mashed in Plastic - The David Lynch Mashup Movie (via Audioporn Central)