Decapitator Mini-Interview

Juxtapoz hat ein ziemlich kurzes und unergiebiges Interview mit dem Henker unter den Streetartists, dem Decapitator. Muss man nicht wirklich anklicken, den Link, eigentlich will ich mir hier nur ein weiteres seiner tollen, kopflosen Artworks hier reinkleben.

When and how did the concept come about?
When I was released from the mental institution, I thought to myself, how can I make myself rich and famous? But then I gave up, and decided I just wanted to cut people's heads off...

Your images are quite shocking - is that your aim?
Shock always sells really well in advertising, and violence is a very rich subject, full of interpretations. But it’s impressive how it always manages to bring out the worst in each advert.

Exclusive Interview with The Decapitator: Heads will roll!

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