Clients from hell

Wer schon jemals irgendwas für Kunden gemacht hat, wird dieses Tumblelog lieben: Clients from hell. Hier ein paar meiner Favs, gleich zu Beginn mal ein richtiger Knaller:

$1,000 is very expensive, you know. We only want a simple website with our current contents, and contact form as well. And don’t forget about CMS features. We want to add or edit content on our own. And the picture gallery, we want something that stunning and animated. The header should be animated as well. And our logo seems too old, can you design new logo for our company? But the best price we can offer is $300, and we think that’s more than enough.


After I sent a client a mockup with lorem ipsum as filler text: „It’s good but there is a weird language on the page. It will either need to be translated or removed.“


We think there’s too much space, can you put all the services we do inside the logo. And if you can - make it 3D too, so it moves when you tilt the paper.

Clients from hell (via Alexander)