Artworks gemalt mit Game-AI-Bots

12.11.2009 Games Misc #AI #Art

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Alison Mealey malt eher so mäßige Bilder, dafür malt sie die aber mit der künstlichen Intelligenz des Games Unreal und generiert die Bilder aus den getrackten Positionen der AI-Bots.

All artworks have been created using data from the game "Unreal Tournament". Each image represents about 30 mins of gameplay in which the computers AI plays against itself. There are 20-25 bots playing each game and they play custom maps which I create. Each map has been specially designed so that the AI bots have a rough idea of where to go in order to create the image I want. I log the position (X,Y,Z) of each bot, every second using a modification for the game, I also log the position of a death. I then run my own program written in Processing to create printable postscript files of that match.

Unrealart (via Superlevel)