Alan Moore-Interview zu Dodgem Lodgic, seinem neuen Underground-Mag [UPDATE: OMG! Moore/Gorillaz-Colab!]


Heute morgen kam die Mail vom Publisher von Dodgem Lodgic, Alan Moores neuem Underground-Mag, dass das Ding dort jetzt bestellbar wäre. Ich hatte meine Bestellung natürlich innerhalb von 2 Minuten abgeschickt, das Ding sollte aber auch demnächst bei meinem Comic-Dealer vorliegen, wo ich ja sowieso mal wieder vorbeimuss. Mein Geldbeutel freut sich schon. (Tatsächlich war ich heute in der anderen Filiale, die leider gleich bei mir ums Eck ist und habe mir Comic-Biographien von Franz Kafka [gezeichnet von Robert Crumb!] und Johnny Cash gekauft.)

Hier jedenfalls ein Interview mit Moore und die paar Seiten aus dem Magazin, die man dort sehen kann, gefallen mir schonmal äußerst gut.

[Dodgem Logic:] A sort of alternative press?

Well, we’ve tried to resurrect a spirit of the 60s underground papers, but without the look or ambience or some of the oversights. There were a lot of very good ideas that emerged from the 60s underground. It was the first place I heard about women’s liberation – as we used to call it then – or gay liberation. They were fanatically anti-war. Many of their most extreme political statements, such as the fact that sometimes the police kill people, or that sometimes we make deals with dictators and criminal governments that we keep quiet about – these things are pretty much standard stuff of conversation these days and not reserved purely for bearded wild-eyed burbling radicals (chuckles).

Certainly the response that we’ve had to the bits of news about Dodgem Logic that have leaked out has been very, very positive. People seem to have been waiting a long time for Dodgem Logic, or at least what they hope Dodgem Logic is going to be. We’ll either manage to offend nobody or everybody – that’s okay, as long as it’s all encompassing.

So there’s an overtly political thrust to the mag?

To a certain extent. In the second issue I’m doing a piece on anarchy: the practicalities of it, and how it might be made to work without just fucking everything up forever (laughs).

Alan Moore talks Dodgem Logic – an exclusive interview about his new magazine (via Dangerous Minds)

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[UPDATE] OMG! Das wichtigste im Interview hatte ich ja völlig überlesen: Alan Moore wird zur nächsten Oper der Gorillaz beisteuern und die machen im Gegenzug ein paar Seiten in der dritten Ausgabe von Dodgem Logic! Whooohoo!

the issue after that we’ve hopefully got Gorillaz onboard. They came down to Northampton last week because we’re planning for me to do the libretto on their next opera project. Being an opportunist, I of course asked them if they’d be prepared to contribute some pages to Dodgem Logic. Rather than just doing an interview with them, I thought it would be interesting to hand over a few pages for them to curate.