Vintage Skateboarding Clips

04.11.2009 Misc #Sk8 #Vintage

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(Youtube Direktsk8)

Jason Kottke hat grade ein Posting über die Evolution des Skatens am Start, das da oben ist ein Video daraus und der älteste bekannte Clip eines Skate-Contests aus dem Jahr 1965.

This program clip is from the 1965 Skateboard Championships in Anaheim California. Skaters include the incredible Torger Johnson (he's interviewed in this clip, and he should also be noted as a big influence to the original DogTown Z-Boys in the following decade), Wendy Bearer, Skip Frey, Coleen Boyd, (the infamous) Bruce Logan, Laurie Turner, Willie Phillips, Danny Escalante, Bob Mohr, Bruse Ramey, Dave Hilton and Steve Hilton (Yes they are uncle's of Paris Hilton!) Classic skateboarding and style in this earliest of known clips, and the first ever nationally broadcasted skateboard contest.

Vor ein paar Tagen erst hatte Marc vom Testspiel einen Film über Skateboarding in den Siebzigern.

The evolution of skateboarding