Mind Readings Next Step: Filme aus Gehirnströmen auslesen

Sollte nix neues sein, dass ich Neurowissenschaften derzeit extrem spannend finde, die Fortschritte in diesem Gebiet sind enorm: Vor einem halben Jahr hörte ich erst davon, dass Wissenschaftler das Bild, das ein Mensch anschaute, aus den Gehirnströmen extrahiert hatten. Whoa! Und jetzt? Filme! Doppel-Whoa! Wenn die Entwicklung so anhält, lesen die in fünf Jahren Gedanken und in zehn Jahren sind Mind-Reading-Machines serienreif. Und dann hätte ich gerne ein Internet-Brain-Interface.

In the last few years, patterns in brain activity have been used to successfully predict what pictures people are looking at, their location in a virtual environment or a decision they are poised to make. The most recent results show that researchers can now recreate moving images that volunteers are viewing - and even make educated guesses at which event they are remembering.

Last week at the Society for Neuroscience meeting in Chicago, Jack Gallant, a leading "neural decoder" at the University of California, Berkeley, presented one of the field's most impressive results yet. He and colleague Shinji Nishimoto showed that they could create a crude reproduction of a movie clip that someone was watching just by viewing their brain activity. Others at the same meeting claimed that such neural decoding could be used to read memories and future plans - and even to diagnose eating disorders.

Brain scanners can tell what you're thinking about (via Gizmodo)