Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set

28.10.2009 Misc Science #Food

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Ich koche ja gern und das sogar ganz passabel, so richtig faszinierend finde ich aber eher die Molekulare Gastronomie, das sind Köche, die mit wissenschaftlichen Zutaten und Methoden ziemlich neue Leckereien erfinden. Hier ein alter Wired-Artikel darüber und hier der Wikipedia-Eintrag mit haufenweise Links.

Bei Think Geek gibt's jetzt den Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set, wissenschaftlich Kochen für Dummys sozusagen.


A new generation of chef-chemists have risen to take back the pinch, smidgen and fistful. They understand that an acidic fluid, when mixed with sodium alginate and dropped slowly into a bath of calcium chloride solution will create wonderful little spheres that pop in your mouth like caviar. Chill an agar infused liquid in a silicon tube and now you've got spaghetti. Mix soy lecithin in sauce and whip it into a light and delicious foam. All this science is available to your next culinary project with our Molecular Cuisine Starter Kit.

This fantastic tin box contains everything you need to get started in spherification, thickeners and foaming agents. Not only the chemicals - agar, sodium alginate, calcium chloride, carrageenan, ascorbic and citric acid, and sodium bicarbonate - but all the equipment too! A syringe, pipettes, silicon tubes, measuring spoons and a non-reactive spoon. Included in the kit is also a booklet featuring six spectacular recipes for some amazing new cuisine.

Molecular Gastronomy Starter Set