Into Space mit Penny Markt

26.10.2009 Misc #Space

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Ich weiß nicht, was an dieser Meldung dran ist, aber nachdem Aldi seit gut zehn Jahren Rechner verkauft, danach irgenwelche Discounter Deals mit der Bahn haben, hat wohl jetzt Penny einen Deal für Weltraum-Tourismus. Wobei das alles für mich mehr als fadenscheinig klingt. Aber ich mag die Idee, ein Wochenende im Erd-Orbit im Supermarkt kaufen zu können. Snip:

On Thursday the Austrian wing of Penny Markt, a subsidiary of the German REWE retail group, began offering to take bookings for flights on an as-yet imaginary spacecraft, which it says should start service at the end of 2011. The price: 210,000 euros ($314,000) a head. The store's customary promise to reimburse any savings found elsewhere applies, should there be any quibbles.

The promise: After five days training, the purchaser, and perhaps four others, could be taken to a "spaceport" in Oklahoma to board the "Rocketplane XP" and fly to a height of 12,000 meters (40,000 feet) before being "catapulted into the air" by booster rockets to a height of 105,000 meters. The engines would then be cut and seatbelts "loosened by a computer" to allow those on board to savour weightlessness for five or 10 minutes.

Trip to space in aisle 4 (via Digg)