How To build a Metallica-Linux-Pinball-Machine

Alleine die Headline schon. Und dann gibt's so 'ne Maschine auch noch in echt, als Einzelstück handgefertigt für James Hetfield. Ars Technica hat die Story zum Flipper und auf keinen Fall das Video verpassen: Das Ding spielt Metallica-Sounds, wenn der Ball da hin- und herflippert!


Creating a one-of-a-kind pinball experience is a much different beast, but we were able to catch up with Wade Krause and Tanio Klyce, two men who put together a special table for some big pinball fans: Metallica.

"[Singer] James Hetfield saw the Hellacopters game that [artist Dirty Donny] and I made a few years ago and he wanted us to build him a custom game," Krause told Ars. That was the genesis of the project, but it takes real ingenuity to take an existing machine and modify it so that both the art and the play matches the feel of a band. Here's how they Krause and Klyce pulled it off.

Crafting a custom Metallica pinball table with Linux, love