Video-Interview mit Streetartistin Swoon über ihre Swimming Cities


Youyoung vom Gestalten-Verlag schreibt mir: „I thought I'd point out our latest video interview that your readers would be into -- it's with Swoon, and the imagery is quite beautiful... She's Berlin-based and really quite bit, possibly the most famous female graffiti / street artist.“

Ich hatte Swoons „Swimming Cities“-Projekt schon lange auf dem Schirm, im obigen Video-Interview spricht sie unter anderem genau darüber.

Oh, you've seen her: from New York's P.S. 1 and Deitch Projects to Hui No'eau on Maui and Berlin's gritty street corners. Notorious for constructing a giant floating raft and sailing it down river (twice!), she is neither a pirate nor a street artist. And even if her real name is known these days, that is also neither here nor there. Join us as we swing by Berlin's Urban Art Info Gallery to see what else the ineffable Swoon has got up her sleeve in's latest interview.

Swoon – Ashore and Afloat