Radioheads „Meeting People is easy“ und „Biggest Lying Mouth“-DVDs online

Youtube User Austin Brooks hat bisher „nur“ komplette Konzerte von Gott Radiohead bei Youtube hochgeladen, bis vor kurzem. Jetzt hat er nämlich die längst vergriffene DVD „The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time - 24 Short Films With Music By Radiohead“ von 2004 und die noch erhältliche „Meeting people is easy“ von 1998 online gestellt. Hier erstmal Meeting People:

(Youtube Direktradio, via Testspiel)

Meeting People Is Easy takes place during the promotion of Radiohead's 1997 release OK Computer, containing a collage of video clips, sound bites, and dialogue going behind the scenes with the band on their world tour, showing the eventual burn-out of the group as the world tour progresses. The inaugural show of the OK Computer tour began on 22 May 1997 in Barcelona, Spain. Their final performance, 104 concerts later, was in New York's Radio City Music Hall.

Unlike other music documentaries, the film does not focus on the band's friendship with one another, families, or anything else outside the direct production, promotion and touring of a record. Most of the film contains footage consisting of music writing, concerts, promotional material, and abstract video footage.

During interviews, the rock group take on critics, record-label hype and American modern-rock radio, which Yorke compares to "a fridge buzzing." This coincides with the soundtrack of the film, with sounds that weave in and out of snatches of interviews, conversations, and songs. Along with this "radio wave" effect is a series of edits and quickly moving shots with stills, slow tracking shots, time-lapse photography, and colour/black-and-white film and video. (Wikipedia)

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Und hier „The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth Of All Time - 24 Short Films With Music By Radiohead“:

(Youtube Direkthead)

The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time (abbreviated TMGLMOAT) is a collection of twenty-four short films from English alternative rock band Radiohead, directed and edited by Chris Bran, one half of the Vapour Brothers.

It was released on DVD on 1 December 2004. The DVD release contains all four episodes of the original broadcast from Radiohead Television, an online television station, featuring unheard songs from the band, live studio performances, as well as interviews. The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time is named after a collage by German artist John Heartfield.

Episodes of The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time were originally developed to be a programme on a regular television channel, or even on Radiohead's own channel. "This was originally meant to be four episodes shown on our very own television channel,” Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke explained on the band’s website.

Instead, the group went on to create an internet TV channel Radiohead Television in conjunction with the release of their 2003 album Hail to the Thief.[6] Along with the episodes for The Most Gigantic Lying Mouth of All Time, other clips including promotional videos, webcast footage from live performances, as well as webcast footage from the studio were broadcast. (Wikipedia)

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