Will Burtins Modelle riesiger Zellen

Kevin Kidney hat ein superinteressantes Posting über Will Burtin, der in den 50er Jahren riesige, begehbare Modelle von Zellen bastelte, die es dann auch ins Disneyland schafften.

In 1957, Burtin convinced Upjohn's president Jack Gauntlett and Dr. Garrard Macleod, director of special projects, to fund the construction of a large-scale scientific model, a human red blood cell 24 feet across and 12 feet high. It was so big, folks could enter and walk around inside...on carpet!

Built of plastic tubing, wires and colored lights, the soon-to-be-famous model would be a tactile representation of a virtual human cell. Not an actual representation of a cell, since too much was still unknown about cells, but a "giant, physical manifestation of a designer's vision" of how a cell functions.

The walk-thru model, one million times larger than life, was unveiled in September 1958 at the American Medical Association's meeting in San Francisco. It was a sensation, and would eventually pave the way for Burtin to create four more fantastic scientific models for Upjohn during his career.

Will Burtin's Incredible Six-Foot Cell (via DinosaursAndRobots)

Und wo wir grade bei Zellen sind, da darf der Klassiker natürlich nicht fehlen:

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