Fotografien eines Anarchisten von Büros der Bürokraten

Jan Banning ist selbsternannter Anarchist und hat die Büros von Bürokraten rund um den Globus fotografiert. Deutschen Aktenschubsern (das Wort habe ich grade von Pixel- und Saftschubsen weiterdekliniert) am ähnlichsten sind die Russen, wie ich finde. NPR hat ein längeres Stück über Bannings Arbeiten, er hat grade 'ne Ausstellung im Ulmer Stadthaus. Snip:

Bureaucracy, oh bureaucracy. How easy it is to curse that amorphous force that sucks up time, binding productivity and creativity in red tape. But how do you show what it looks like?

Six years ago, photographer Jan Banning sat, stumped by this question. The self-declared anarchist had been given what seemed "the most horrible assignment of my entire life:" A magazine had asked him to illustrate decentralization of administration in Mozambique.

Then it occurred to him; "Let's go meet the people involved." Having spent his life carefully steering clear of government officers, he was surprised to find they were far more varied and interesting than he'd imagined. The one-time assignment morphed into a four-year project, involving "Bureaucratics" -- as his clever book is titled -- across the world.

A Look Into Bureaucrats' Offices, Jan Bannings Bureaucratics (via Juxtapoz)