Vintage Spaceage-Toys-Packaging

Das Life-Mag hat eine sehr schöne Fotostrecke mit Illus von den Verpackungen alter SciFi-Toys aus den 50s. Ihr wisst schon: Pew Pew-Space Age-Robots und so Zeugs, bei dem ich immer feuchte Augen kriege.

As the Space Race heated up in the 1950s, Hollywood embraced science fiction as a viable (and profitable) genre, and toy manufacturers around the globe followed suit. The graphic art on the tin toys' boxes, meanwhile, was often incredibly vibrant, imaginative, and—let's face it—trippy. The illustrations managed to capture both the optimism (science will save us!) and the dread (science will destroy us!) that, in some ways, defined the Space Age—and that still inform our debates on everything from stem cell research to the prospects for a manned mission to Mars.

Trippy Space-Age Toy Art (via Tokyo Mango)